Construction and Installation

We offer a wide range of installation options for you air conditioning needs. Our team of highly qualified technicians and installers can design a system to suit any requirements.

Choosing the right system for your requirements starts with a detailed analysis of the building to be air-conditioned, taking into account such factors as building position and orientation, the number of windows, insulation, ceiling heights and much more. Once we have this information we are then able to design and install a system to match your specific needs in a timely manner.

Our installation services/activities include:

  • Air conditioning system alteration & design fault analysis
  • Installation of all commercial & industrial heating & air conditioning plant
  • Heating and cooling system design
  • Split system installations
  • Building automation

During Pre-Construction, our team will:

  • Identify and coordinate scopes of work to assure that under slab infrastructure and pathway is properly placed
  • Identify and order long lead items
  • Identify special systems and their requirements
  • Identify existing systems requiring interface or direct matching
  • Develop a strong partnership with the decision makers at all levels to ensure a trustworthy, efficient working relationship
  • Develop our own schedule and site logistics plan to aid in early coordination
  • Visit the site and develop a site specific safety plan